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Probiotics - What Kills our Good Bacteria

4 Ways Probiotics Are Killed - & Your Immunity Lowered

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

A person's state of health is SO dependent on having the right numbers:

- Blood pressure under 120/80.

- Total cholesterol that's below 200.

- Triglycerides less than 150 mg/dL

- A fasting blood glucose level between 70-100 mg/dL.

- A resting pulse between 60 and 100.

- And one of the latest: A BMI (body mass index) between 18.5 and 25.0.

But one number we're hearing more and more about, because it's arguably the biggest and most important number in your body...

...your amount of friendly intestinal flora aka PROBIOTICS.

Right now you have more of these little guys milling around than you have cells in your entire body -- to the tune of TRILLIONS!

And since you would not survive without them, they're definitely a number you want to be concerned with.

Little guys, BIG jobs

Most people realize that friendly flora help keep your digestion smooth, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

They also comprise 70-80% of your immune whether or not you will get the latest bug, cold, virus or infection largely depends on your flora count.

They also help inhibit various diseases including CANCER -- the number 2 killer in the US.

They encourage a health cholesterol level -- they're Nature's completely safe alternative to statins.

And they help control the pH level of your intestines, to further help keep digestion efficient, strengthen your gut wall to stop toxins from leaking out, and prevent gas and bloating.

How to mess up your gut in 4 easy ways

Largely because of excesses in our diets and lack of nutrients we get from our foods today, we humans are susceptible to four different types of "dysbiosis" -- where our flora populations are not what they should be, which makes us vulnerable to sicknesses and diseases of all kinds.

The 4 different types of dysbiosis are:

1) Putrefaction

This is the rotting of poorly digested food and frequently occurs when someone eats foods with high fats, too much protein and very little fiber. A diet like this encourages harmful bacteroids to flourish which can cause an increase in the development of tumor-causing particles.

2) Deficiency

This is when the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut begins to dwindle. Like putrefaction, it too is the result of a high fat, low fiber diet, and it's commonly seen along with putrefaction. It can also be caused by use of antibiotics.

3) Fermentation

This is when our friendly flora is overrun and "taken over" by Candida fungi or other disease-causing microbes. Eventually these microbes eat away at the gut wall and make it porous, like a coffee filter. This allows wastes and toxins to leak into your bloodstream and abdominal cavity and make you very sick (or even kill you down the road in a variety of nasty ways).

Fermentation is the result of eating a high-carb diet (cakes, cookies, chips, crackers, muffins, breads, candies, sugar, soft drinks, sports drinks, and the like.

4) Sensitization

This is when your immune system gets "mixed up" and views normal food particles or other harmless substances as dangerous invaders and launches an attack.

Normally the Regulatory T-cells in your immune system can help control these responses, but since your friendly flora help to encourage Regulatory T-cells to form, if your flora population is low (due to diet or medications like I mentioned above), you can have fewer T-cells and therefore more of these inappropriate sensitive reactions.

This is how autoimmune diseases are created.

Take care of your biggest number

You have trillions of microbes - probiotics - inside of your body. And since they play SUCH an important role in your health, it's crucial to make sure they are healthy and strong.

Luckily, that's relatively easy to do. Just two simple steps:

1) Eat a variety of foods that can be easily digested.

When you focus on consuming good carbohydrates (like whole grains or gluten free, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, seeds and nuts), get enough fiber, and have healthy sources of fats and proteins, you not only encourage better digestion but also you help nourish the friendly flora in your gut.

No matter what your doctor says and no matter how long you've suffered and no matter how many remedies you've tried, you can impact your own health!

2) Boost your population of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) so they can control the bad guys and keep them in check.

Research studies have shown that it is important to use multiple species and strains of probiotics when dealing with dysbiosis.

Supplement with probiotics on a daily basis!

We have 3 powerful probiotic products in the office. Ask for more info on your next visit. Tower Chiropractic 559-459-0224

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