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Better than a Food Journal!

Free App, LOSE IT by fitnow.

Download onto your smart phone. Goes beyond food journaling to really tracking your food intake, your nutrient distribution and factors in your activity.

Now I've never been a big fan of tracking calories because it can be a pain, but I decided to give this App a try. Oh, they have a web site you can use also… in case you don't have a smart phone.

Boy oh boy am I hooked… here's why:

1. First off it's a FREE App (enough said).

2. I always have my cell phone with me so tracking what I eat is easier than using a food journal or computer.

3. It's very simple to use-and even fun like a game.

4. After you punch in your stats (like current weight, goal weight and how much you want to lose each week) it tells you exactly how many calories you can eat each day…

5. As you enter in the food you eat, it keeps track and tells you how many calories you have left for the day… (so it's like a game to not go over your limit).

6. It also has a bar code reader so you can scan a food item for its complete nutrition profile. I did this with my protein powder, cottage cheese, almond milk, salsa, cheese, etc. Very cool!

7. It has a built-in database of almost every kind of food you can imagine-even fast food. Just search and it's there.

8. When you exercise… you choose what you did and for how long and it tells you how many calories you burned… and these extra calories get added to your daily calorie allotment so you can eat more. (A great motivator to exercise.)

9. You can add friends and encourage one another.

10. You get readouts about how much (and what %) of protein, carbs and fats you're eating each day so you can make adjustments.

And the real benefit to tracking what you eat is that you learn a LOT about what's in the foods you're consuming. Example… I can stuff myself on two cups of broccoli for about 62 calories… but when I eat an English muffin (sprouted grain) I see it has 160 calories. So it helps me make wiser decisions and keep my portions in check.

You also learn how it takes a lot of exercise effort to burn 250 calories… and how easy it is to eat 250 calories of high-calorie foods in a matter of a few bites. Example… some fast food salads have 700 calories!

Important: Remember that it's not all about calories… you don't want to eat two pieces of cheesecake and starve yourself for the rest of the day. The key is to eat a well balanced program with lots of healthy food choices. I shoot for 30% of my calories to come from protein, 40% from healthy carbs, and 30% from healthy fats. (Lose It tracks all of this for you.)

A balanced approach is going to help you get the fastest results.

Now here's the kicker… don't use this app if you secretly don't want results and would prefer to complain about not being able to drop flab. If you're honest and track everything you eat (not just the good stuff) you'll see in black and white why you aren't successful.

The reality is… it takes a lot more than just trying to eat healthy foods… you do have to take in less calories then you burn to see results… and apps like this really help the cause!


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