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Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

If You Take Statins, You Must Take CoQ10

If you take statin drugs without taking CoQ10, your health is at serious risk. Unfortunately, this describes the majority of people who take them in the United States.

There are no official warnings in the U.S. regarding CoQ10 depletion from taking statin drugs, and many physicians fail to inform you about this problem as well. Labeling in Canada, however, clearly warns of CoQ10 depletion and even notes that this nutrient deficiency “could lead to impaired cardiac function in patients with borderline congestive heart failure.”

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant compound that is central to the process of energy production within your mitochondria, and in the quenching of free radicals.

Statins have been found to impair mitochondrial function, which leads to increased production of free radicals.

At the same time, statins also lower your CoQ10 levels by blocking the pathway involved in cholesterol production – the same pathway by which Q10 is produced. Statins also reduce the blood cholesterol that transports CoQ10 and other fat-soluble antioxidants.

The loss of CoQ10 leads to loss of cell energy and increased free radicals which, in turn, can further damage your mitochondrial DNA, effectively setting into motion an evil circle of increasing free radicals and mitochondrial damage.

This explains why statins are particularly dangerous if you have existing mitochondrial damage, as your body relies on ample CoQ10 to bypass this damage.

If you determine after reviewing the evidence that CoQ10 makes good sense to use as a supplement, it is important to take the reduced version if you are over 40 years old. This is called ubiquinol and it is FAR more effective. I personally take 1-3 a day as it has many other benefits.

High blood pressure and diabetes are linked to higher rates of mitochondrial problems, so if you have either of these conditions your risk of statin complications increases, according to the authors of this review.

Additionally, since statins can cause progressive damage to your mitochondria over time, and your mitochondria tend to weaken with age anyway, new adverse effects can develop the longer you’re on the drug.

Most People do Not Need Statin Drugs

That these drugs have proliferated the market the way they have is a testimony to the power of marketing, corruption and corporate greed, because the odds are very high, greater than 100 to 1, that anyone taking statin drugs does not need them.

The ONLY subgroup that MAY benefit are those born with a genetic defect called familial hypercholesterolemia, as this makes them resistant to traditional measures to normalize cholesterol.

If your physician is urging you to get a total cholesterol level check -- many do and will prescribe you a statin drug depending on its result -- you should know that this test will tell you virtually nothing about your risk of heart disease -- unless it is 330 or higher.

And, perhaps more importantly, you need to be aware that cholesterol is not the CAUSE of heart disease.

If you become overly concerned with trying to lower your cholesterol level to some set number, you will be completely missing the point, and may also be missing some important heart disease markers.

In fact, I have seen a number of people with levels over 250 who actually were at low heart disease risk due to their elevated HDL levels. Conversely, I have seen even more who had cholesterol levels under 200 that were at a very high risk of heart disease based on the following additional tests:

· Your HDL/Cholesterol 

· Your Triglyceride/HDL 

HDL percentage is a very potent heart disease risk factor. Just divide your HDL level by your total cholesterol. That percentage should ideally be above 24 percent. Below 10 percent, it’s a significant indicator of risk for heart disease.

You can also do the same thing with your triglycerides and HDL. That percentage should be below 2.

Optimizing Your Cholesterol Levels, Naturally

There’s really no reason to take statins and suffer the consequences from these dangerous drugs. When you follow the simple guidelines below, you will optimize your health in such a way that your cholesterol levels will naturally become optimized, without any side effects:

· First, normalize your insulin levels by eliminating sugar and grains.

· Second, you can take a high-quality krill oil that is chock full of beneficial, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

· Exercise. Make sure you are getting exercise nearly every day. Pay particular attention to the type that nearly everyone fails to teach about and that is anaerobic sprint cardio training.

· Eat the right foods for your nutritional type, and eat a good portion of your food raw.

· Additionally, if you are a man, or a woman who is in menopause, you should check your iron levels, as elevated levels of iron can cause major oxidative damage in the blood vessels, heart and other organs. Excess iron is also one of the major contributing factors of cancer risk.

· Address your emotional challenges, and maintain positive outlets for your stress.

· Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol excessively.

Unlike statin drugs, which lower your cholesterol at the expense of your health, these lifestyle strategies support your health on a body-wide basis, and your cholesterol levels will follow suit.

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Thanks to Dr. Mercola for this information!

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